Profumo di Firenze

The essentiality of the artisanal perfume

Profumo di Firenze represents the olfactory project of the Galardi family
dedicated to the city of Florence, which has always been linked to the art of perfumery.
A compelling and captivating sensory experience, narrated through two collections of unique and memorable perfumes.

Dante Collection

Offers an engaging experience and a unique journey. Every single fragrance tells an enveloping and refined olfactory journey, in a medieval Florence. A sensory itinerary into the Divine Comedy, with Dante as protagonist, reinterpreted by the Galardi Family.

Firenze Collection

A collection of two radiant creations, two Eau de Parfum, a connection between tradition and innovation. Captivating compositions that describe the strong vocation that binds Florence to the world of perfumes. A collection born from a careful selection of essences - only apparently monothematic - enclosed in an elegant, classic, bottle. Buontalenti and Fior di Pane reveal the secrets and flavors of the city.