Dante Collection

Dante Collection offers an engaging experience and a unique journey. Every single fragrance tells an enveloping and refined olfactory journey, in a medieval Florence. A sensory itinerary into the Divine Comedy, with Dante as protagonist, reinterpreted by the Galardi Family.


A fragrance that symbolizes an olfactory journey through Dante’s writing and the beginning of his journey into the Divine Comedy. A composition that plunges into a refined heart of Incense and Leather, the symbol of a medieval Florence.


An energetic composition of Incense and Davana, warm as a forest in spring that opens the heart through the darkness and the glow of a poet’s sensory journey.


The sweet smell of Passion Fruit stimulates the soul of the traveler in a sensory experience, giving olfactory paths of delicacy through the sour aroma of Lemon and the sweetness of Vanilla.


An aroma that frees the soul from sin, evoking divine transgression. Starting with the fine notes of Rose and then passing through the hefty ones of Tobacco, the fragrance retains a strong and inebriating character.


A key fragrance, reminiscent of the enveloping and light smell of Peach Blossom. The heart notes, with the relaxing blend of Chamomile, give a soft and harmonious touch. Matelda is the perfume that transmits lightness.


It is the scent of waiting and patience. Infinitely bright like a morning breeze. It represents the immense infinity.